1 Where are you located?

Safety Drugs is conveniently located in North Phoenix at the Loop 101 and Cave Creek Road.
2630 E. Mohawk Ln. Suite 128
Phoenix, AZ 85050
Please feel free to call us at 602-252-1299 with any questions or Email Us Directly.


2 What is your availability?

We are available to respond to your needs 7 days a week.



1 How do you package your medications?

Packaged Medication We offer at least three different dispensing formats based upon your preference:
- Traditional Dram Vials
- Blister Punch Cards
- Robotic Dispensing



2 How does insurance factor in with medications?

Upon admission into a Skilled Nursing Facility, Assisted Living Community, or Care Home, it is usual and customary for the staff to fax admission paperwork to us. At that time, we will bill the medications if applicable through the insurance plan and depending on which type of facility it is, assess the co-pays to a credit card on file or send out an itemized statement at the end of the month.


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